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  48. N.J. retiree facing 10 years in prison over antique pistol
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  62. Sen Rand Paul Slams Asset Forfeiture As ‘Unconstitutional’
  63. California firearms manufacturer moving to Wyoming
  64. Pentagon agency can't account for $800 million in spending: Report
  65. Elderly resident shoots masked intruder
  66. Rep. Jason Chaffetz wants a $2,500 housing stipend for members of Congress
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  75. Optics Planet stops selling magazines to the general public over 10rds.
  76. Apple removes Good Friday, Easter from calendar for iPhones
  77. A little Gun Safety called.... Don't be that guy!
  78. 20 Year Old Sues Dick’s Sporting Goods for Refusing to Sell Rifle
  79. YouTube to begin banning gun related channels
  80. Citigroup sets restrictions on gun sales
  81. Second Amendment Foundation starts hotline for bullied pro-gun students
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  83. Trump signs proclamation sending National Guard to Mexico border immediately
  84. Good guy with gun stops shooter in Ok. restaurant.
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  86. Youtuber gets to test rare gyrojet pistol/carbine.
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  88. Steve1989 is the Bob Ross of MRE's
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  92. President Trump invites 94 year old WWII Vet to speak on stage.