View Full Version : Eotech, Trijicon, Acog sights for the AR15 platform

02-01-2011, 12:41 AM
Eotech holo by L3 communications is used worldwide by US allies. It is a close quarters battle sight for room clearing in an urban environment. It doubles as a mid range 600m targeting sight with the Eotech 3 magnifier. As an owner and avid user of the Eotech I recommend it for home defense as well as target plinking or on accidental wild animal encounters such as bears or whatever threat you encounter in the wilds. Since most AR owners will have many uses for there weapon not any one single weapon sight is for everyone. We can dig deeper into the subject and cover multiple sight usage on a single weapon, such as iron sights (A MUST HAVE) with a combination of modern laser targeters as well as primary Eotech, Trijicon, Acog sights. Later we can cover night scopes that double also as day scopes through gated technology. For now HAPPY SHOOTING.