View Full Version : Winchester White Box Ammo

04-22-2011, 12:07 AM
Who uses it? I've shot at least 1000 rds. of it as handgun practice ammo, never had a problem with it. As a matter of fact, never had a misfire or under/over powered round, never had a FTE. Like all ammo I shoot, I visually inspect it before I load up, never found a defective WWB round and all seem to be uniform. With other brands' bargain ammo I have found defects, I found a double stamped primer in a box of Federal Premium, a primer set sideways in CCI Blazers, and inconsistent bullet set depth in American Eagle. I've shot the 9mm and the .40S&W WWB. I like it because it's pretty cheap, it also comes in boxes of 100. I've heard many complaints about it, but don't have any myself, maybe I'm lucky, it's served me well, hopefully it will continue to. Anyone have any problems while using it?