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05-18-2011, 01:31 AM

Recently I got to shoot my friend's Sig/Mauser M2 .45ACP. I had never even heard of this gun until he bought it a few years back. Apparently SIGARMS purchased the right to use the Mauser name in 1999, it was only manufactured for a couple years and production ended in 2004. It's Double Action Only, striker fired. It has an aluminum alloy frame with steel slide and a rotating/locking barrel system similar to that of my Beretta PX4. The M2 features numerous safeties: automatic firing pin safety, trigger bar disconnect, loaded chamber indicator and the manual safety which is a switch located on the back of the gun below the slide.


After putting a few mags through it, I was impressed. Not only is this gun light weight, but it has very manageable recoil also, and pretty accurate, I love it's combat sights. IMO it would make an excellent CCW gun. It was also made in .40S&W and .357sig. MSRP was about $483 (that's pretty much null and void now that it isn't made anymore), but my friend got his for about $350 and they can still be found with a little searching. One problem with the .45 version though, it's real hard to find mags for it. The .40's mags on the other hand are easier to find. Finding holsters for the M2 is a challenge also. Still it's an affordable, unique, good quality pistol.

Mauser M2 specs:

Caliber: 45ACP (Also available in 40S&W and .357Sig)
Action: Recoil operated, DAO
Capacity: 8 , (10 .40S&W and .357Sig)
Barrel length: 3.54"
Overall length: 6.85"
Weight: 32.3oz

08-18-2011, 06:14 PM
WARNING: Recently my friend had some problems arise with his M2. He contacted Sigarms and basically got the cold shoulder, they said there was nothing they could do for him and he was on his own. He said the customer service rep talked with an air of distaste and was borderline rude. Really unprofessional. Apparently they don't support the M2 anymore, neither does Mauser. They could've just said that. I still think it's a good gun, but if you get one make sure you know where to find a gunsmith, if it should, like anything with moving parts, break down or have a malfunction.