View Full Version : So...I need a semi-auto rifle.

07-26-2011, 12:40 AM
I was thinking today about what I needed to round out my firearms collection. I have a great pistol(PX4), I have a Taurus Judge revolver, I have a 12G pump shotgun, I have bolt and lever action rifles in several calibers, I even have a Hi-Point 9mm carbine. So the one thing I need is a semi-auto rifle. I was looking around the web at AR's, thing is they tend to be out of my price range and I'm not a huge fan of the 5.56/223 round. I do like the .308 AR10's but once again, too pricey. AK's are alright but don't have the range I'm looking for, also not a fan of 7.62x39. Heck, I'd love to have an M14 (who wouldn't?) but way expensive! Now, I've always been a fan of the H&K G3, the closest thing to it for me is the .308 Cetme Sporter.


I can get one locally for under $500. Then I figure I can replace the stock and forearm with a $20 surplus G3 kit, maybe a surplus G3 trigger assembly if I can find one that fits, and I saw surplus aluminum G3 Mags for 99 cents apiece. It's said that the G3 mags fit better than the actual Cetme mags. I've read several reviews saying good and bad things about the Cetme, the bad things about it seemed minor and things that I could easily fix myself.
For the price it really seems like my best bet. Anybody have any input on the Cetme or any other .308 rifle (below $500) I should get?