View Full Version : Upcoming deer season

11-13-2011, 03:43 PM
Just wanted to start a thread pertazining to this year's deer season. Maybe a place to post some pics of that trophy... also a place to post any things you are doing to prep for the season or things that you plan to do differently this year.

I know this year I will be taking my son, as he is ready and showing interest. I do not plan on taking him the first couple days, just because of those that think we are being invaded and they need full auto weapons with thousands of rounds and don't care what they shoot at.......you know what I mean.

For those that are going, be careful and have fun. Good luck to all. My goal is to fill my freezer with some good meat. I really don't care about the trophy thing, but just want a couple good mature deer to spend some time on the dinner table.