View Full Version : Morakniv Knives

02-03-2018, 10:34 PM
I picked up a couple Morakniv's last year when Amazon had a huge sale on them.
These things are awesome considering their cheap price.
They make great field craft, utility, and survival blades, razor sharp, durable, and hold a good edge! Love that Swedish steel.

The two I got were the regular blade and the heavy duty, both in Sandvik carbon steel with a Scandinavian grind.


I etched the blades with apple cider vinegar.
This process oxidizes the surface and adds a measure of protection against rust.
It also makes them look 100% badass. :0aSunglasses_Emoji:


The sheathes are my only complaint, they're plastic and don't really retain the knife as much as I'd like.
But there are aftermarket sheathes for them.