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02-16-2018, 02:42 PM
My prayers go out to the families of those who were lost and the students who were caught in the path of evil.

And the gun grabbers like Pelosi are all too eager to dance in the blood of children.
I swear that bitch and her ilk just sit and rub their hands together hoping for stuff like this to happen so they can push their agenda.

They seem to think that punishing all gun owners and getting rid of guns will stop things like this from happening.
Nope. That's not the answer. Prohibition solves nothing.
It's not the proliferation of firearms that cause these things, no, it's evil. There is evil in this world, some deny it, but that doesn't make it go away.
Good people make it go away, more specifically, armed, good people make it go away and keep it from harming innocents.
Why is it when when one of a certain "Religion Of Peace" commits an atrocity the liberals and social justice advocates say, "Not all of them are like that!" ?
Yet when one of these shootings happen they say, "All gun owners are to blame!"

I say stop making our schools soft targets. Harden them against attacks like this.
We protect our courthouses, federal buildings, and airports better than we do our schools.
Well, it's time we treat schools the same way with the same level of security.
Something as simple as having a manned, controlled access point to the school would make a huge difference.
Not only that, but give the faculty the option to take firearm and situational training and carry a firearm.

I know some will ask, "Where will the funds come from?" and say "The schools can't afford it, it's too expensive!"
The money is there, even if you have to cut programs, this is worth it. I bet if President Trump tried to make a federal grant available for this, the gun grabbers on both sides of the aisle would try to block it. They need the impetus of these shootings to further their agenda of making us helpless peasants. They want the control that fear brings.

And yet again this screwball was known to the FBI and law enforcement, and they did nothing. He had a criminal record, was suspended from school multiple times. Those around this monster knew there wasn't something right about him. And nothing was done to help or stop him. There are laws in place that prevent people from putting the mentally ill where they can be helped or contained, doctors fear legal ramifications. So, the method of treatment is to dope up these unstable people with mood altering "medicines" and turn them loose on society.

Are we ever going to be able to completely stop horrible things like this from happening?
Human nature says, probably not.
But we can do a Hell of lot better to prevent the situations that allow these things to happen thus lessening the frequency of occurrence.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

77 wolfpack
02-18-2018, 02:29 AM
Plenty of veterans need jobs. I say create a new career field of School Security. You would stimulate the economy by making gainful employment to thousands of people because there are so many schools. According to the stats you can look up online, there are about 37,000 High schools and God knows how many elementary school. Now, with a 20 man force PER school (depending on size, but we will use that as an average), we would create over 500,000 jobs. Now look at the money revenue on uniforms, equipment, training and so forth and you got some growth in many areas. Now if you are employed, you have to pay taxes, so again money for the state/gov.

This could be a huge move for security of the kids, schools wouldnt be such soft targets, and maybe, just MAYBE teach these kids to respect authority at the same time. If we have enough money to pay sports players hundreds of millions of dollars and give Amtrak huge bail-outs then we have money for this.

02-19-2018, 01:17 PM
I'm in agreement that something could be done and be financially feasible. Here's yet another option that wouldn't even require that much more money to implement... Most, if not all, schools these days issue identification cards to students for meals and such. Why not use those cards to unlock the main entry/exit doors. Provide a card to faculty and approved parents/guardians. When a student graduates or is expelled/suspended take the card. This wouldn't stop an active student so a few guards would still be necessary but you wouldn't have non students to worry about either. Also, some schools utilize metal detectors at the entries, why not all? With the prevalence of printed guns this isn't foolproof but I've yet to hear of a school shooting that involved a plastic gun. Also, perhaps the individual classrooms should be locked at the start of class, not when shots are fired. Hell, using the ID cards to get into class could even help with attendance tracking. I'm sure others will have additional ideas, the point is there ARE things that can be done without jeopardizing gun rights.

77 wolfpack
02-23-2018, 04:10 AM
I completely agree there are other ideas. Kids lose constantly lose their ID cards, or they can be hacked. Technology is moving very quickly and these kids today have a better grasp of it than i do. I do like my idea of a dedicated security force for every school. When you factor in after school activities, ball games and so forth i think this would greatly help local and state LEOs with their duties.

Maybe we should teach these kids not to eat laundry detergent first before they try to come up with ideas for new Constitutional laws.

I find it interesting you always hear about a shooting, but you never heard about school stabbings or beatings. We had a student down here (12 yrs old) who was kneecapped, compound fracture of his arm, broken jaw and ribs with a punctured lung. He was found in the bathroom bleeding and unconscious. Didnt even make local news. Bottom line: If it doesnt fit the agenda, its not newsworthy.