View Full Version : Apple removes Good Friday, Easter from calendar for iPhones

02-20-2018, 11:08 AM

February 19, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Breitbart reports that the latest iPhone update has deliberately removed Good Friday and Easter Sunday from users' calendars.

The default setting on iOS devices is for U.S. holidays, which shows holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Independence Day. However, there is an option to add Alternate Calendars, including Chinese, Hebrew and Islamic. But Christian is absent from this list on iOS 11.2.5.

Apple has been receiving complaints about this change.
A user told Breitbart,

"The first service rep I spoke with was sorta rude and dismissive but she forwarded me to someone who has been very helpful,” they continued, adding, “He had not been aware of the omission and sent a service inquiry. He phoned me back and sadly to him, informed me the response he received was, the calendar is as it should be and Apple decided to omit Good Friday and Easter from the US Holiday Calendar which is supplied on its products. This makes absolutely no sense.”'

Source (https://www.lifesitenews.com/pulse/apple-update-removes-good-friday-easter-from-calendar-for-iphones)

77 wolfpack
02-23-2018, 04:28 AM
Shocker!!! They make sure the "religion of peace" is there, but not one for Christians? Hopefully that comment isnt against CoC.

02-24-2018, 12:05 AM
Update ~ They have added it back and Good Friday along with Orthodox Easter (new) back to the Calendar.