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04-01-2019, 02:51 PM
1643 Hey guys, and gals
I know it's been some time since I've posted here. It's been so long that I've received multiple DM's on Facebook asking if we're still kicking. So I want to publicly answer that question!. Yes we're absolutely active!. In fact, we're in develmpet of the new [GN 3.0!] Utilizing bleeding edge tech. The same tech as Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, HP, Adobe etc use!
No longer will GunNook be static content. (A website). It will now be dynamic and live. Living, breathing and growing all live without interruption. For example, Facebook is dynamic, always updating always changing in real time and very rarely ever going offline. The best part about GN3.0. It will be packed full of features specifically to help grow and support the community. These features will be rolled out in phases. As each new phases rolls out. It will replace that part of the static website. Until it replaces the websites as you know them now (GN2.0)

Phases 1. We're proud to announce that the first phase will be our FFL portion a long with the new GunNook Pager! ( GN's New instant messenger )
If you're a longtime community members you may recall the article GunNook FFL Dealer Cards. Be More Then Just A Name On A List! (https://members.gunnook.com/content.php?600-GunNook-FFL-Dealer-Cards-Be-More-Then-Just-A-Name-On-A-List!) when we first started talking publicly about some of the new changes.

I'll include it below

Our commitment to break the mold and think outside the box has always been the core value at the start of every project GunNook engages in. We want to be more then just, "more of what is already out there." Before we start any project, we ask ourselves. How can we not only be different, but better than what's already available? How can we help people connect in a fluent and simplicit way that has not yet been done?. Obviously these are not easy questions and tasks. You have to be willing to give a lot of time, a lot of resources, do a lot research and a lot of innovative thinking, and more to each and every project to be truly innovative " ~ Josh McBee President and Owner

One of the ways we do this is through networking with others: Business Owners, Community Leaders, YouTuber's, and anyone that we can share a common interest with. Then we provide them with innovative ways throughout our Network to communicate and share information with each other, thus growing a much larger network, with a much stronger reach from all across America and farther.

With that said, I would like shed a little light on a new feature that is coming soon and that is currently in development.
" GunNook FFL Dealer Cards " Be More Than Just A Name On A List!

We at GunNook are currently working on an FFL listing system that is going to be an incredible resource for not only FFL dealers, but anyone looking for an FFL dealer nation-wide.

The new system will be user friendly and give users looking for FFL dealers useful tools that will get them where they need to be with minimum clicks and also bringing FFL dealers closer with potential customers by giving them the resources they'll need to get their services noticed.

Here is a short, but incomplete, list of some of the features.

Customers will be able to browse hundreds of listings by simply clicking on their state of residence from the GunNook interactive map giving you detailed information relevant to the state selected, with info on such things as:
State Ammo Laws
State CCW Gun Laws
Federal Representatives and ways to contact them
Places where you can shoot with Map Anchors to easily get directions from a given specified location
State Firearm Associations
State Event Calendar with detailed info on state events and more.

These are just some of the new powerful features you will see in the state card. Below that you will get an interactive list of FFL dealers who have listed with GunNook (https://members.gunnook.com/forms.php?do=form&fid=2).

From here the service will allow the dealer to include information such as name, location, prices, and phone number. Other features will allow you to:

Upload your business logo
List your shooting range
Links to your site/Facebook page/Instagram...etc.
The ability to receive comments and feedback
Ability to see the number of views on your dealer card, with in depth card analytics
Advertise specials
The ability to provide instant quotes, and create invoices on the fly.
Sell your wares in the GunNook Store, Process and Accept payments with ease.

These are just a few of the dealer features that will be available with the New GN FFL Cards.
The new GN Cards will be included in update 2.0.0b and is expected to be released mid spring early summer.

We hope you're just as excited as we are about the reveal of this new tool. Please tell us your thoughts, Or feel free to share your ideas.

If you're an FFL holder and would like to be a part of this great new system, signup is now open.
Follow this link to find out how you can get on our list. (https://members.gunnook.com/forms.php?do=form&fid=2)

We'll share more on our new GN Pager closer to release of Phase 1.

If you have any questions you may ask them below. Just FYI, Same I may answer, and some I may not for our own reasons at the time. But it never hurts to ask right! :0aTongue_Out_Emoji: