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04-06-2019, 09:57 AM
1667GunNook is proud to introduce the new GunNook Points System! This awesome system will let you earn points that you can then use to get cool gear and accessories for absolutely FREE! No gimmicks, No tricks, and No fine print! And we’re always adding more interesting items all the time!
Sounds cool right? But why? Well... for starters, We’ve put a lot of time and energy behind the scene in developing the absolutely free GunNook Community website, and we’d be honored if you would check us out. It’s packed full of rich features and in depth knowledge on a lot of different things and categories that you’re likely interested in. From Tactical gear reviews, Guns and accessories, How-tos, and so much more!

So now you’re probably thinking, well what kind of hoops do I need to jump through to get these awesome points? Well, It’s actually a lot simpler than you would think and in most cases you can get points by just being active within the community. When your Birthday rolls around - Points! Logging in once a week - Points! Posting of the forums - Points! And so many other seamless actions will also get you points! More information on the GunNook Point Store can be found on our website. www.members.gunnook.com (http://www.members.gunnook.com)


1668 (https://www.gunnook.com/product/gunnook-tactical-bump-helmet/) To show our appreciation we’re going to give one lucky winner a FREE GN Tactical bump helmet! That's a A $93.99 value!
All you have to do for your chance to win is share this post/article and you will be entered to win this awesome helmet absolutely FREE! We'll even cover shipping inside the US!

GunNook Thanks you for your support.

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Points have been updated and we're going to be adding more items to the points shop! Please see below for updated points

5 GNP's | can be awarded a week if One (1) post/reply is made a week.
However, you will also lose -1 GNP each week you are not active until your account hits (0)
15 GNP's | each year for a birthday
1 GNP's | will be awarded per poll posted
0.5 GNP's | will be awarded per Poll Vote
3 GNP's | will be awarded per Thread started
2 GNP's | will be awarded per Post
15 GNP's | will be awarded per Referral to the GunNook Community
0.5 GNP's | will be awarded per Rated Thread

< NEW! > New Members
1000 GNP's | New member now will get a 1000 Points for joining the community

What else is new?
We've introduced new forum ranks.


Forum users that achieve certain post counts will receive a rank. Post count per rank is a secret, this is to discourage spam. As a special incentive those users that reach the highest rank will receive forum recognition and GunNook prizes!
If you're already a member of the forums then your existing post count will carry over to this new system.

There you have it, the GunNook Forums are entering an exciting new era and we'd love for you to be a part of it.
Be sure to join our friendly firearm and tactical gear community, make friends, have fun, get information, and maybe help out others by providing information of your own. See you there!
Join here for free: Join GunNook You can also use login with Facebook for even a faster way to join. ALWAYS FREE TO JOIN