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  • What is a Bug-Out Bag or (B.O.B.)?

    A bug-out bag is a portable kit with the items you would need to survive for seventy-two hours when evacuating from a disaster. There are pre-assembled B.O.B.'s you can buy, usually from survival web-sites, Army/Navy stores, and some sporting goods stores. Alternatively, you can put your own B.O.B. together.

    Here is what you'll need for a self-assembled B.O.B.

    1. First off, you'll need a sturdy bag or backpack, something that you could grab and carry easily. Some degree of weather proofing is preferable , to keep your supplies safe and dry. https://www.gunnook.com/product/urba...-48l-backpack/

    2. Weather gear. Add a hooded sweatshirt or cold weather jacket. Fold it and put it in the bottom of your bag, it shouldn't take up too much space. It could be a life saver if the temperatures drop, it can also be used as a pillow. Add a mylar "space-blanket" or two, those are the folded ,silver, survival blankets, and some disposable ponchos in case of rain.

    3. Shelter. It's a good idea to find a compact, easily assembled, tent for protection from the elements if you have to stay outside. It is also recommended that you add a canvas or plastic tarp, this can be used to spread on the ground beneath your tent, or used to make an improvised shelter.

    4. Fire Kit. Fire is an invaluable survival tool, for warmth, cooking, light, and boiling water to drink. Find a suitable water-proof container or zip-lock bag. Add water-proof matches and a lighter. There are many different fire starting devices available for sale anywhere that sells camping supplies. Magnesium fire starters are a good place to start, they will usually light a fire dry or wet, but by all means shop around and find the one that works best for you. You'll also need tinder: dry, flammable material used for fire starting. Once again, you can usually find commercially available"fire-starter sticks" at any store that sells camping supplies. Or you can make your own, I've found lint, from your dryer's lint trap, works very well if kept dry, it burns even longer if you mix in some dry sawdust. Be sure to put your tinder in a separate water-proof container or baggie or you'll have a mess on your hands.

    5. Hydration. In a survival situation water = life. You can go a lot longer without eating than you can without water. Having a source of clean water is probably one of the most important things you can have in your B.O.B., You'll need a minimum of one quart of water per day, per person. Prepackaged water packs are available through most on-line survival stores and can sometimes be found in sporting goods stores. Also essential are the supplies you'll need to ensure a steady supply of clean water like a portable water filter and water purification tablets. There are plenty of portable water filters out there, from straws and bottles, to the more expensive hand-pump models.

    6. Nutrition. You are going to need to eat,( as if I needed to tell you that). Most camping supply stores offer many types of freeze dried, just-add-water, foods. Alternatively, you could go the MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) route, these are military style rations. One MRE will provide you with all the nutrients you'll need for a whole day. Most MRE's come with a meal heater and contain other useful items such as matches, seasonings, and napkins. It's also a good idea to have a supply of nutrition or protein bars on hand. No matter what you choose, make sure you have at least a three day supply. It's also not a bad idea to include a small fishing kit, things in this kit include: A small container to pack it in( I use an old Altoids tin) , Fish hooks, some fishing line, I added a few small artificial lures but you can usually find worms or insects for bait.

    7. Tools. It's essential to have a good, sharp knife or two, a multi-tool and "hobo-knife" are great choices also. You'll need a metal mess kit, a lot of stores that sell camping stuff will have these, they can be used to prepare and serve your food. Add a metal mug also, you can use this for drinking and boiling water. A small, folding, metal camp stove with fuel tablets or Sterno fuel is a smart choice. A flashlight is a good thing to have, battery powered or a hand-crank model. The same goes for an emergency radio with NOAA weather band. Most compact emergency radios come combined with a flashlight, two birds, one stone. A compass and emergency whistle, they sometimes come combined too. Extra batteries if needed. Don't forget rope or para-cord! Two words: DUCT TAPE! If you're not familiar with survival techniques you may want to pack a small survival skills book.

    8. Hygiene. Pack a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap in a water-proof container, toilet paper, wet-naps, and hand sanitizer. Trial sized products are perfect for putting together a Hygiene kit.

    9. First Aid kit. You never know when you or someone else may be injured. There are plenty of first aid kits available for sale or you could make your own. Regardless, it should contain the following items: Latex gloves, scissors, tweezers, sterile dressing, medical tape, antibiotic ointment, burn ointment, snake bite kit, adhesive bandages, Ace bandage, a thermometer, any prescription medications and medical supplies you use on a regular basis.

    10. Change of clothes. Be sure to pack an extra shirt, underwear, socks, or even an extra pair of pants if you have the room. Having clean clothes to change into can have a positive effect on one's well-being.

    11. Cash. Credit and debit cards just won't cut it, have some cold, hard cash on hand.

    There you have it! A functional Bug-Out Bag. Of course, these are the basic things you'll need, I'm sure you will be able to expand it's contents based on personal preferences and needs. Stay safe out there and remember: Be prepared, not scared!

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